My Maritime Travels


Versión española Mi revista marítima




1. M/V Galveston Lumberman/HPWF

2. Canadian Coast Guard Ship Montcalm/CGBB

3. M/V Chemical Trader/GHXZ

4. Whale Factory Ship Cruz del Sur/ELDN

5. M/V Rio Caroni/5LOB

6. M/V Rio Orinico

7. M/V Rio Manamo

8. Canadian Coast Guard Ship N. B. McLean

9. Canadian Coast Guard Ship Simon Frazer



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9 thoughts on “My Maritime Travels

  1. Thomas Korpiun says:

    I enjoy it a lot, reading the descriptions of your journeys aboard and ashore.
    Imagine – I’m living near the bavarian mountains (thus my deficient english) , and the sea seems to be far away – but I love it and also especially the old style ships.
    Reading your reports and your special way of regarding life, human beings and nature in a very warm and respectful way, is always a delight!
    So I am a little bit shocked, that this delight had to stop during the chapter “Rio Caroni”.
    Me and my brother (who was a navigator) would be very happy ich to read more…

    But – no matter for your reasons – I send you best wishes for best health and a happy life!

    From Murnau, Bavaria, Germany

    Yours sencerely
    Thomas Korpiun

      • Thomas Korpiun says:


        I´m looking forward to read it, thanks for Your message. I could not find any other descriptions in the style of yours! Maybe there are some, but I suppose they´re really hard to find…

        Best regards, greetings from Bavaria

        Thomas Korpiun

        Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2016 21:39:46 +0000 To:

  2. Michael St. Angelo says:

    I enjoyed reading your adventures. I repaired MF radios during college and worked for ITT WorldCom at 67 Broad Street (home of WSF) in an engineering capacity, but I never got to be a radio officer.

    • Hola Michael,
      Thanks for your moral support. If it wasn’t for the fantastic dedicated guys at the WSF office during that time and the New York Seamans House, I wouldn’t have got my first ship and probably would have to been obliged to return home and work at some menial job. The really sad thing is that the entire maritime communications system has changed so much in just 25 years after I quit sailing. Now its the a GMDSS that I wouldn’t trust all that much, especially the result of the El Faro last autumn. Just a few years ago, the Canadian Arctic GMDSS didn’t seem to be of much use either. Perhaps they have it working reliably by now, but it seems since the Conservative government that got in power some 7 or 8 years ago, the information squeeze has resulted in just us hearing the glossy version put out by government.

    • Hola Sergij,

      Its a pleasure to hear you like it. The bad thing is that I’m nearly finished my maritime travels, just one more page or so to go. Personally, it was a lot of fun writing it in English and Spanish, and made several very interesting persons.

      Have a nice day,


    • Hola Sergej

      I won’t be writing about life aboard but from shore but working with all the same ships I used to work on. Perhaps it won’t be quite so salty, but might be fun writing. Have a nice day.

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