My Maritime Travels


Versión española “Mi revista marítima”




1. M/V Galveston Lumberman/HPWF IMO:5201984

2. Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker Montcalm/CGBB Class 1 IMO:5240198

3. M/V Chemical Trader/GHXZ IMO:5201984

4. Whale Factory Ship Cruz del Sur/ELDN

5. Iron Ore Carrier Rio Caroni/5LOP IMO:9586722

6. Iron Ore Carrier Rio Orinoco/5LOB IMO:9586734

7. Iron Ore Carrier Rio Manamo/5MBG IMO:5296159

8. Icebreaker N. B. Mclean/CGSN IMO:5244912

9. Icebreaker Simon Frazer/CGSJ IMO:5328732

10. A New Career on the Horizon

11. An Attempt to Describe my Surroundings



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