Writing short stories, novels or my autobiography never intrigued me. However, I have spoken about my maritime travels to several of my friends on Skype. I was surprised that they were interested in reading my story. Since I’m learning Spanish, perhaps this will be my solution to the age-old problem of quitting on account of too much grammar while keeping my friends happy with my maritime travels.

This is my story, but it’s also includes the help of many persons, my friends on Skype, at Lang-8, italki, Livemocha and others. Without them, this would never have gotten off the ground. But be patient. I only write a few paragraphs at a time, so development is slow. How many pages will it cover? I don’t know. I started with what I could remember, then my wife showed me all the letters I had written to my parents, I located most of my official maritime documentation plus many slides I took during most of the 5 years  at sea. Internet has been rich in content, including shipwreck references, newspaper clipping, bankruptcies, etc. I’m much more curious than most to you to find out what it will look like finally.

However, this is really just the incidents I remember up to recently. As work progress, no doubt other incidents will pop up in my mind, and I’ll add them as I go along. If you have a letter I wrote you all those 45 years ago, I’d be very happy if you’d send me a copy, so I could include any incidents or occurrence that I haven’t already included in this blog.

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